Monday, April 27, 2009

Flickr Good, Mashups, ehhh...

Flickr is a great site. It's a repository, art gallery, and, in its commons section, a great place to locate royalty-free photography, the last being the best part. I suffer from a nervousness that I might violate copyright with all Web-based projects I do. Flickr and Creative Commons take a lot of the Angst out of the process and for this I'm grateful.

Insofar, as the third party features of Flickr, I'd have to wonder what the utility is. I appreciate the color pickr for its ability to match style concepts for Web design, and perhaps Mappr for the rare time when I'd like to dress up a map, but montagr just looks for fun than useful, which is okay, but not really why I'd look to Flickr.


  1. Yeah, it might not all be completely useful but you have a good excuse with the 27 Things just to have a little fun playing around the stuff while you're "on the clock"!

  2. Seeing what others are doing or thinking, as evidenced by the mashups they create, can be a source of inspiration for local projects. That's what I enjoy about it.